Heritage Properties, Inc. (HPI) is a full service commercial real estate firm that was founded in 1986 as one of four companies of the Meridian Group.

Since our inception, we have developed or acquired over 6,000,000 square feet of commercial real estate in the mid-Atlantic region. Our continued focus is to develop and/or acquire projects that will provide the end user a superior work environment, therefore providing investors with outstanding risk-adjusted investment returns.

The original Meridian Group partners have invested with us for the last three decades and continue to do so today. We have learned well from our predecessors, carrying forward the unique culture and spirit of Heritage, while adding our own energy, technical know-how and acumen to the mix.

HPI provides opportunities for investors to directly own real estate, allowing them the ability to prudently select real estate investments that will diversify the asset classes within their portfolio as they see fit. HPI’s principals have always been, and continue to be, side by side investors in each and every project that we have developed or acquired. We believe that our goals and those of the investors should always be closely aligned.

Our Approach

Our decisions are solid and prudent, based on market analysis, thorough due diligence, risk mitigation and sound financial management, offering superb value at competitive prices. HPI’s development style is streamlined and features experienced interdisciplinary teams, premium locations, distinctive design and quality construction.

Experience and Creativity

Since 1986, our hallmark has been to listen to the client’s needs, discuss with them how to achieve their goals at the best possible price while providing them a unique, efficiently designed work environment. Our approach to achieving this goal is to draw on the more than three decades of experience and involving all disciplines of the company. This team approached has served our clients well over the years and will continue to do so in the future.