William Harrington

Director of Construction Services

What are the factors that most impact the growth of HPI?
I could provide an obvious answer and say it depends on the economy, specific markets and HPI’s strategy, but I’m a firm believer that the people at HPI will be the primary factor that will impact growth. It’s essential to have competent people that care and are working towards a common goal. With the right people in place, HPI always has the chance for positive growth.

Describe the best vacation you’ve ever had in your life.
The best vacation I’ve ever had was my honeymoon in Antigua. My wife and I shut our phones off, took a break from the world, and lived life without a plan for the week. Our only goals were to relax and eat great food, and we were successful.

Please name a person who has had a tremendous impact on your life and explain why and how he/she affected you the way he/she did.
My mother likely played the largest role in the person I’ve become today, personally and professionally. Mom taught me the importance of respect, integrity and strong core values while giving me freedom to become my own person by learning through personal experience. Over the years I’ve learned some hard lessons, but mom was always there with unwavering support and guidance. I can only hope I can provide my children the same in the future.



William Harrington
Phone: (410) 769-6138
Email: WHarrington@hpimd.com

William joined Heritage Properties in 2018 and is responsible for the supervision and oversight of construction services for capital and tenant improvement projects in Raleigh, NC.

Prior to joining Heritage Properties, William served in multiple construction roles to include Project Manager, Consultant and Owner’s Representative. His most recent position was with a General Contractor in the Raleigh, NC market. Throughout his career, William has overseen and managed over $80 million in construction contracts and provided varying consulting services for projects with construction contracts exceeding $2 billion.

William earned his Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering and Management from North Carolina State University and Master of Engineering Management from Duke University. Additionally, William is a licensed Professional Engineer and General Contractor in the State of North Carolina. William is currently a member of the NAIOP and NAIOP Developing Leaders Program.