LaSchelle Ross

Accounting Assistant

What is your favorite book ever?
“Understanding Media” by Marshall McLuhan is one of my favorite books that examine “The medium is the message”. McLuhan was concerned with the observation human beings tend to focus on the obvious and in doing so we largely miss the structural changes in our affairs that are introduced subtly, over long periods of time. These changes work silently to influence the way in which we interact with one another, and with our society at large.

I often reread this book with amazement in the accuracy of McLuhan’s philosophy; he was simply ahead of his time.

What is the smallest change we have made at HPI that has had the biggest positive result?
Utilizing Adobe Acrobat in our daily duties at HPI has saved time and materials. This change has helped alleviate a lot of the stressors and redundancy when completing tasks and in turn has increased employee morale.

Who was your favorite teacher or subject in school and why?
Ever since there were humans in existence, there have been problems to solve. Whether the problems were over basic requirements like sustaining sufficient amounts of food or major accomplishments like constructing multifunctional homes, problems such as these remain with us to this day. The peculiar thing about problems is that they all have similar properties.

Math became my favorite subject early in my education because it taught me problem solving and critical thinking skills that are necessary for success in life.

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LaSchelle Ross
Phone: (410) 769-6108
Fax: (410) 321-4468

LaSchelle Janey Ross joined the Heritage team in November, 2015. LaSchelle has over 20 years of experience in interpersonal relations and customer service. She has used her expertise in both the private sector and in state & local government.

She is a Cum Laude graduate of the University of Baltimore where she earned her degree in Corporate Communications. She is certified in Conflict Resolution & Mediation.

LaSchelle is an advocate for youth and the community. She is a youth mentor and works with various community outreach and private programs including Colossus Enterprise LLC, Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, New Vision Youth Services, and BeU2Full. She has served as a board member for Johns Hopkins CareS and Northwood Baseball League. Other affiliations include Baltimore City Department of Social Services, Employment Security Commission of North Carolina, Happiness for the Homeless Corporation, Maryland Charity Campaign, North East Development Alliance Community Development Corporation, Northeast Community Organization Inc., and United Way.