Elizabeth (Beth) K. Hochwarth

Executive Vice President

What do you like about the corporate culture of HPI?
The owners of HPI are very focused on providing the best environment for its customers—its tenants. Likewise, they do the same for their employees. Many of my coworkers have been here for decades – in my case, that is 3 decades. The culture is very caring and cooperative.

What is your favorite book ever?
I still recall a book I read years ago very fondly—The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin by H.W. Brands. I just remember from the very first paragraph, how it drew me in and I couldn’t put it down. Before then, Ben Franklin was like a ‘caricature’ to me. This very well written book made him human and fascinating. Thinking about it, I want to go read it again and check out his other books.

What are the factors that most impact the growth of HPI?
Having the right resources in place (staff, investors, lenders) at the right time. Reacting in an appropriate manner to changes in the environment—ie. economic, political, social. Simply deciding what size we want to be, how fast we want to grow, and in what area we want to grow (area being geographical as well as income-oriented, like management company versus development company) are important decisions that help to define our goals regarding growth.

Who was your favorite teacher or subject in school and why?
There were a number of wonderful teachers, and the one that sticks out most is Dr. Leonard who taught several of my finance courses at Miami University. He had a gift for communicating and keeping our attention, making my favorite subject even more interesting.

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Elizabeth K. Hochwarth (Beth)
Phone:  (410) 769-6105

Beth has over thirty years of diversified financial experience including investment analysis, financing commercial real estate and development projects, and accounting for corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.

Since 1993, Beth has served as senior financial officer managing the finance and accounting functions for Heritage Properties and its affiliates. Prior to this, she was a financial manager at Meridian Healthcare, Inc., and accountant for NACCO Industries, a Fortune 500 company.

Beth received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (“CFA”) and Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”) designations. She is a member of the Maryland Association Certified Public Accountants, the Association for Investment Management and Research and the Baltimore Security Analysts Society.